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Thai Laminate Manufacturer Co., Ltd. received the Thailand Energy Awards 2013

          On 28 September 2013, Khun Vinai Kamonphonphan as the company representative to receive the Thailand Energy Awards 2013 from the Prime Minister Khun Yingluck Shinawatra at the Government House Bangkok Organized by the Ministry of Energy which is considered an honor to create pride for all executives and employees after taking most effort to help carrying out the activities over many years.

          Energy saving is one of the activities that top management has assigned to  managers, supervisors, employees, as well as contractors, who come in to contact with the company to help increase production efficiency, reduce costs such as Kaizen activities. , QCC activities, Health & Safety activities, Quality Management activities, 5S activities and all activities are supported by all departments better resulting in the company being able to reduce costs and to be world class quality able to insist on such high competition. 

          The company would like to thank the executives, supervisors, employees and contractors or visitors. Who helped to win the Thailand Energy Awards 2013, which is 1 of 7 organizations that have been evaluated to receive this award in this year 2013.

           With this, the company agrees that it should be publicized for the benefit of the general public.